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Dog mattress, dog cushion, quilted, premium dog bed, dog basket

Dog mattress, dog cushion, quilted, premium dog bed, dog basket

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We present our bestseller from Western Europe - Luna.
Dogs love Luna for two soft pillows (can be used together or separately,
high "back", giving a feeling of hugging, closeness, the possibility of reassurance and reassurance
and perfect relaxation for small (M), medium (L) and large (XL) four-legged friends.
The owners love her for the quality of workmanship, design and fabrics with water technologies
Repellent (Oxford) - difficult water intake or Pet Friendly - easy removal
and hair and Easy Clean - easy cleaning, no stains on Otusso and Letto fabrics.
As with the Ruby sofa, the front part is restrained in relation to the sides and back
Maintaining the comfort of use and, as in our entire collection, all the elements
washable with zip (after removing the foam insert).
Resting after an exciting day becomes pure pleasure, cats and dogs easy
you love this bed, which gives you a feeling of security and gives you the opportunity to cuddle


70 x 55 cm (size M)
90 x 75 cm (size L)
120 x 85 cm (size XL)


QUALITY MATERIALS - IDEAL FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE. The seat and backrest are filled with polyurethane foam flakes, which ensures comfort and convenience.


Set of 2 (1x seat cushion 120x80, 1x back cushion 120x40) set of 5 (2 seat cushions 120x80, 2x back cushions 120x40, 1x back cushion 60x40) set of 7 (3x seat cushions 120x80, 3x back cushions 120x40, 1x back cushion 60x40) set of 3 (1x back cushion 120x40, 20x seat cushions 120x40 1x back cushion 60x40)

Cleaning and maintenance regulations

Remove stains and dirt with a soft sponge and a solution of water and soap (temp. 30°C) Possibly with mild detergents. Do not clean with harsh chemicals.

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